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Most people are under the impression that they need capital, perfect credit, or at least a down payment to acquire their own property.

Here's what other business leaders are saying:

"Laurence started out sleeping in a car in London, then through sheer determination and hard work built up his own property portfolio. No matter what obstacles came along, he always found a way around them. His story is incredibly inspiring for anyone wondering if they can do it too."

Stephanie J. Hale

Author of "Millionaire Property Author" & "Property Trendsetters"

"Laurence Lameche persuades the reader in a simple way to buy property with little money. He gives you all the pieces of the puzzle for how to buy property with no money and no mortgage. No matter how hard some people work it seems almost impossible to get on the property ladder. However, Laurence's book shows you how to do this. Be prepared to be inspired by this book."

Joel Bauer

Author of "How To Persuade People Who Don't Want To Be Persuaded"

"I like the common sense approach this book gives you on how to buy property for little or no money. You are guided through Laurence's simple processes so you can do this too."

Simon Zutshi

Author of "Property magic"

I have known Laurence for over 10 years now and I have seen by first-hand experience how he bought "3 London Properties For A Football Ticket". Laurence has also bought many other properties in London and Brighton for just £1. His determination, hard work and dogged persistence, coupled with his respectful and sincere approach towards people, has enabled him to do the kind of deals that many can only dream of! In his book, he explains how you can also acquire property which generates great cash flow and equity growth. I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn how to own properties without the need to invest large deposits."

Heath WIlliams

Millionaire Property Investor &

Business Owner

"Award Winning" Might Be An Understatement!

Here's What You'll Get...

In the first half of the book, Laurence shares his humor-filled stories of WHAT lead to his success! 

Then the focus shifts to explaining the business of HOW

--- How was he able to start his first business with nothing but an idea?...

--- How did he go from being a tour guide to property investor in less than 5 years?...

Laurence answers those questions & many more, all while providing tangible instructions & tons of straightforward advice...

It all begins with Laurence's 3 Step Process: 

Structuring A Deal

Customer Relationships

& Standing Out In The Market! 

In A Solid 211 Pages, Laurence gives readers worksheets, real world financial breakdowns, and advice on personal matters other industry leaders don’t take into account! 

Are You Ready To Discover 

These 3 Secrets?!

...and hopefully share some laughs together along the way!

How To Structure A Deal From A to Z

Secret #1

How To Take A "Customer Focused View"

Secret #2

How To Stand Out In A Crowded Market

Secret #3

How To Structure A Deal From A To Z

This is by far the most daunting part of any property purchase. Especially for new buyers...

That's why the book includes a COMPLETE CHECK-LIST so you don't have to worry about details! It's the same list Laurence uses when he purchases a new property! 

And the truth is, once you've set up a repeatable process, it becomes a matter of simply plugging in the new information when you decide to expand your property portfolio!

With Laurence's complete walkthrough, readers can finally turn off the voice in their head telling them "it's too complicated!"

How To Take A "Customer Focused View"

Too many estate agents, property managers, and potential buyers all fail to ask the deep questions

Questions like: Why is the seller putting the property on the market in the first place?

Yes, they may be moving. But there is a history to their home, a reason for the change, and those stories are where the real connection begins!

This is only one of many lessons we'll cover when it comes to "putting yourself your buyer's shoes"! 

How To Stand Out In A Crowded Market

Whether your buying or selling property, the concern is the same: How do you stand out in a market that is becoming increasingly digital?

Real Estate companies charge fees & commissions. 

And a lot of them stick to the same old song & dance 

when it comes to getting people to notice a property!

That's why Laurence stresss forming relationships & using your existing ones to turn a property listing into a property opportunity!

... and you'll be pleased to discover how you already have most of the tools you need!

Here's What You'll Get:

Your FREE Copy of "How I Bought 3 London Properties For A Football Ticket"...

You Just Pay Shipping. 

Real financial breakdowns of ACTUAL property purchase Laurence has made so readers can see for themselves how successful they are.

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About The Author:

Laurence Lameche is proven leader:

Laurence Lameche moved to London and, as he didn’t have a penny to his name, he slept in his car. He was hungry for food (and success!) and was determined to succeed but he lacked any business experience. Laurence graduated from the school of hard knocks, life.

He is now a multi-millionaire property investor, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He specialises in Rent2Rent, Serviced Accommodation / Holiday Lets in London, Lease Options / Purchase Lease Options and Instalment Contracts, with these strategies allowing him to control property with little or no money, or maybe the cost a Football Ticket.

Every single strategy Laurence shares has been experienced on his journey to success. There have been many ups and downs but he has just given things a go and doesn’t let the rules stop him, as he finds winning ways around the rules and you can too!

Sound too good to be true?

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